With years of experience and a diversified knowledge base, ASI specializes in creating custom solutions for industrial ventilation and air pollution/filtration control. Airsystem Sales Solutions OverviewAll of our solutions begin with our team of engineers who have provided equipment for literally thousands of indoor and outdoor air pollution and filtration, industrial ventilation, material handling, vacuum cleaning, energy recovery, make up air and VOC destruction systems.

ASI also strives to enhance our solutions, as well as our product offering, through the development of relationships with industry leading equipment providers. By harnessing these key partnerships, Airsystem Sales, Inc. believes that we create a win/win situations for both us and our customer by coupling best-in-class equipment with industry-leading engineering solutions. It is this combination that ultimately enhances ASI’s solution and the customer experience.

Airsystem Sales Dust CollectorNew Fan and Dust Collecting Systems

  • To improve indoor and outdoor air pollution control
  • New hood and duct work for system
  • Selection of proper dust collector and fan
  • Blast gate or balance system
  • CAD drawings of hoods, duct, dust collectors and fans
  • Start up and check out new equipment
  • Train maintenance and engineers hold to run and maintain the equipment

Analysis of Existing Fans & Dust Collector Systems

  • To increase collection efficiency
  • To increase CFM to improve hood efficiency
  • To improve duct conveying velocity
  • To prevent ducts from plugging
  • To reduce static pressure of system
  • To add more hoods to an existing system

20150401_073638Maintenance Surveys of Fans & Dust Collectors

  • Survey system to improve collection efficiencies and increase CFM of system
  • Survey system and instruct how to maintain dust collectors, scrubbers, etc.
  • Survey system and instruct how to maintain fan
  • Survey system to add controls to help maintain systems
  • Survey for improved dust collection in plant

Analysis / Maintain / Upgrade Dust Collector Controls

  • 20140717_161413_resizedfarr_3Survey existing system controls
  • Recommend changes to present control setting or new controls
  • Recommend Filter Sense Controls for EPA and maintenance management

Replacement Parts

Airsystem Sales, Inc. (ASI) handles a huge selection of replacement parts.

  • Bags and cartridges for all types of collectors
  • Diaphragm and solenoid valves
  • Pulse jet controls
  • Fan wheels, shafts, and bearings
  • Intake filters for blowers
  • Rotary valves (many drop-in replacements)
  • Screw conveyors
  • Dampers

Analysis of Building Make-Up Air

  • Survey building for general ventilation air balance-exhaust air vs. supply air
  • Relieve building of negative pressures
  • Survey existing poorly operating general ventilation systems and make improvements

Maintain Other Types of Pollution Control Systems

  • Baghouses & Cartridges
    • Furnish and change bags of cartridges
    • Maintain solenoid and diaphram valves
    • Preventative maintenance surveys
  • Oxidizers
    • Proactive maintenance surveys
    • Maintain oxidizers
    • Move to new location
    • Wet Scrubbers
  • Preventative maintenance surveys
    • Maintain controls and valves
    • Replace packing in adsorption units

Process Hazard Analysis for Combustible Dust

  • Survey to determine existing dust hazards from a combustible dust perspective
  • Determine the risk, severity, and consequences of un-addressed dust sources within a facility
  • Prepare a written Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA), to be required by NFPA 652
  • Service offered to participate in a complete PHA as a combustible dust expert team member