Airsystem Sales, Inc. represents different manufacturers of equipment in the air pollution control, air handling and material handling industries, each with their own particular expertise. Below is a list of the products categorized by major divisions. 

ACS Valves

ACS Valves
  • Traditional Rotary Airlocks
  • Drop in replacements for MAC, Meyer, Prater, Smoot, and Rotolok Valves
  • Plastic Pellet Feeder Airlock
  • Fabricated Airlock for fibrous materials.
  • Gravity Fed Slide Gates
  • Double Dump Valves
  • Gravity Feed Diverter Valves
  • Surge Hoppers

AER Control Systems

  • Mist Collection Units
  • Packaged Media Air Cleaners
  • Cartridge Dust Collectors
  • Cyclone Dust Collectors
  • Downdraft Collectors

K&B Duct

K&B Duct
  • Clamp Lock all-welded round duct work
  • Elbows and fittings
  • Galvanized and Stainless construction

Klimawent USA LLC.

Klimawent USA
  • Fume Arms
  • Vehicle Exhaust Hoods
  • Reel exhaust systems
  • Rail exhaust systems
  • Small Portable Filter Systems

Masterduct, Inc.

Master Duct
  • Flexible Suction and Transport Hose
  • High Temperature Flexible Hose
  • Insulated Flexible Hose


  • Louvers
  • Grills & Screens
  • Dampers – Fire, Butterfly Balance, Backdraft
  • High Temperature
  • Low leakage


  • Soft Wall Partitions
  • Rigid and Retractable Enclosures
  • Soft Wall Noise Solutions
  • Fabric SOPAIR Ducts