AbsoluteAire’s Direct Gas Fired Heating & Ventilating Systems

AbsolutAire AA-Series direct-fired heating, ventilating and, make-up air systems are constructed from weather-resistant, heavy-gauge aluminized steel and have a durable two-coat paint finish for complete protection and sustainability.


AbsolutAire’s AA-Series is designed as a “draw-through” heating and ventilating system. The burner combustion zone is located close to the intake/return air plenums, ahead of the blower-fan discharge plenum, allowing various discharge configurations without the use of duct work. Uniform airflow across the burner insures maximum fuel efficiency as well as constant air-delivery volume. With the combustion taking place before the supply fan, the air-delivery system can compensate for volume expansion as the air is heated. Other types of make-up air systems push air through the burner. These “blow-through” units have certain disadvantages in efficiency. When the fan inlet temperature varies, the fan brake horsepower requirements will change. The blow-through designs will deliver constant air volume, but only if the discharge temperature is constant. If the discharge air temperature varies, the air volume will vary. This can possibly disrupt the balance of exhaust air and make-up air. AA-Series units are complete in every aspect, with all necessary gas and electrical controls included. Attractive standard features as well as numerous options and accessories insure maximum design flexibility and application versatility. With ventilation airflow rates up to 54,000 CFM and firing rates up to 6,000,000 BTU/HR,* the various model choices have become extremely popular over the years.


             Standard Features

  • Horizontal or Upright CabinetsCapture1
  • Choice of Discharge Configurations
  • Weather-Resistant, Heavy-Gauge
    Aluminized Steel Construction
  • Designed to ANSI Standards
  • 30:1 Burner Turndown Capability
  • Maxitrol Series 14 Discharge Temperature
    Controls with Temp. Dial at the Unit
    (on AA1700 through AA3 Models)
  • Maxitrol Series 14 Discharge Temperature
    Controls with Remote Temp. Dial
    (on AA4 and Larger Models)
  • Multiple Access Doors
    (Drop-Out and/or Hinged)
  • Durable Two-Coat Paint Finish
    (Owner-Matched Colors at No Extra Cost)
  • Factory Piped and Wired
  • Control Circuit Fusing
  • Automatic Gas Modulation
  • High- and Low-Temp. Limit Switches
  • Flame Safeguard Controls with Remote
    Flame Reset
  • U.V. Flame Detection (> 1
    /2″ gas inlet)
  • Non-Fused Disconnect Switch
    (Except on AA1700)
  • Low Fire Start
  • Motor Starter and Overload Protection
  • Low Airflow Switch
  • Fan Bearings Rated to a Minimum
    of 100,000 Hours (L-10 Life)
  • Remote Control Panel (Meets NEMA
    1,2, and 5 requirements)
  • Main Electrical Panel (Meets NEMA
    1, 2, 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 5 and 12 requirements)
  • 100% Factory Testing


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